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Install Tracim on your server

Following the installation documentation below, you'll be able to run your own instance on your server.


Get the source

Get the sources from GitHub (you need git):

git clone
cd tracim_v2/

Install backend

Option 1: Install backend manually

see Backend README

Option2: Install backend: Automated script for easy setup

This script run backend with simple default conf: development.ini conf file, use default config file, sqlite database, etc...


For each conf file missing, this script will generated them from default conf. If sqlite default database is missing, script will generate it. This script is also able to serve for update. If you want to update a script generated tracim install, you can just update source code with git pull and rerun the same script to update database model, system deps and python deps.

for more information about configuring tracim_backend, see Backend README for more information about configuration file, see development.ini.sample documentation and Backend setting file doc.

Install frontend: Automated Script for easy setup


Running Tracim using pserve

cd backend/
source env/bin/activate
pserve development.ini

You can now enter the application at and login with admin user:

  • user: admin@admin.admin
  • password: admin@admin.admin

Running tests with cypress

Installation of cypress: Automated script for easy setup

This script check if nodejs is installed (npm is necessary to install Cypress), if file package.json and cypress.json exist in 'functionnal_tests' folder. if not the script install necessary file and install Cypress and his dependency's.


Run tests with command line

This command run all test present in 'cypress_test' folder.

cd functionnal_tests/
./node_modules/.bin/cypress run

Run tests with cypressgui

Open Cypress with graphical interface. You can show test running directly in web interface.

cd functionnal_tests/
./node_modules/.bin/cypress open